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Dana The best piece of advice I was ever given when I moved away from the UK was "Accept any and every invitation you get in the first couple of months". You will quickly find people you 'click' with.

Annalisa The lifestyle brought us here more than anything else. My partner and I were both tired of the pressure we faced by living and working in a big city and were looking for somewhere more relaxed, where we could still fulfill our ambitions but also enjoy life, bake in the sun (I hate the cold!) and meet nice and interesting people.

Cristy When I do go shopping in Phuket I visit Island Bliss Phuket, Lola (both in Surin) Central and Zara.

Emily Many funny things have happened since moving here. The most recent was when my bank tried to tell me the reason I couldn't book an AirAsia flight online was because they did not accept credit cards.

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Chicky Net - the Guide for Phuket Expat Women

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and the most popular tourism destination in the Land of Smiles. Phuket is blessed with several beautiful beaches along its shores, lush jungle and a wide range of restaurants, entertainment and outdoor activities.


Chicky Net started out as a Facebook group for expat women living and working in Phuket and has now grown into a national network connecting women all over Thailand. Now, with the expansion of the site to major cities including Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Hua Hin valuable information and new friends are all just a click away for all women living and working in Thailand.



Expat Women Thailand - Phuket



Living and Working in Phuket

Luckily for expat women Phuket is now an easy place to meet people and the launch of Chicky Net in 2009 couldn't have come sooner if you ask Phuket expat women.


Phuket is a biggest sub-network on the Chicky Net network and still new members join each week. For women living and working on this tropical island, Chicky Net is able to personalize life in Phuket and make it easier to navigate through all that this diverse island has to offer.


Moving abroad will bring so many wonderful experiences on your path but it doesn't make up for the joy that comes from having family and close friends to share it with. So ask yourself "where are you most likely to find these important friendships that are the cornerstone of your happiness?"


Joining our network is both recommended for women planning to relocate to Phuket and to women that have already settled. Join us for free and find information and tips by and for women about living and working in Phuket.


And best of all… Meet Phuket based expat women with who you can check out the weekend market in Phuket Town, the endless beaches on the West coast, restaurants for all tastes and flavors, the shopping centers, a diverse nightlife in one of the many towns on the island and many other great sites and attractions.




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