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Olga I have lived in Hua Hin for 3 years and just found out about this website from Pat. I'd love to meet some new friends here from all over the world!

Sandie I will agree with the other post, Hua Hin is mostly retired people. Not being retired myself, I have to admit some concerns. I did meet thru Chicky net, some very nice ladies, some single, some married. All very friendly and very welcoming.

Sue If you look at other places on this website you'll see that we all have problems finding clothes that fit (even skinnies - it's a proportion thing!) and are a suitable style!

Vivienne I just want to thank every one who came to the lunch at my house. I felt it was a great success and this was due entirely to the ladies who attended.

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Chicky Net - the Guide for Hua Hin Expat Women

Hua Hin is the quiet Royal beach resort town about a four hour drive from the hustle and busle that Bangkok has to offer. Hua Hin is unlike most other beach resorts in Thailand. If you are looking for bright lights and all night action you will be disappointed there.


Chicky Net started out as a Facebook group for expat women in Phuket and has now grown into a national network connecting women all over Thailand. Now, with the expansion of the site to major cities including Hua Hin, valuable information and new friends are all just a click away.



Expat Women Thailand - Hua Hin



Expats Living and Working in Hua Hin

Even though popular by foreign retirees there is an increase in younger expats moving to Hua Hin as well. For expats, Hua Hin may seem like the perfect place to meet people. Yet, Chicky Net’s opening of a Hua Hin sub-network in 2011, was a very welcome addition to the expat women who are living and working in Hua Hin.


With new expat women joining each week, Hua Hin is a growing sub-networks on the Chicky Net network. For women living and working in this coastal town, Chicky Net is able to personalize life in Hua Hin and make it easier to navigate through all that this town has to offer.


We all know friends are important, but recent research is starting to show the relationships we build with our girlfriends are one of the most crucial things in a woman's life. Girlfriends, especially for expat women living abroad, give you confidence, relieve your stress, make you feel loved and connected.


For both long time expat women to those women who are planning their move to Hua Hin it is recommended that they join. Membership is free giving women instant access to information and tips by and for women about living and working in Hua Hin.


And best of all… Meet Hua Hin based expat women with who you can explore little shops, markets, fish and international restaurants, the water park, golf courses, little bars and many other great sites and attractions.




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