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Susan I would encourage women not hesitate to reach out to others for company and support. We're so lucky to live in this time where finding new friends can be as easy as signing up for a social network.

Louise The pace of life here in Chiang Mai is much slower, and given we live around 20 minutes from the city centre in a rural estate its is very peaceful and a great location to focus on writing.

Danyell Otherwise, the night market outside of Kad Suan Gaew on Thursday and Friday is my other go-to spot. More trendy, but great prices and awesome options.

Neen Products that I bought, were completely NOT what I thought they'd be, when I unwrapped them back at the apartment. The day of the 'black shampoo' and 'hunt for a mop bucket' bring back fond memories.

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Chicky Net - the Guide for Chiang Mai Expat Women

Chiang Mai, known as 'The Rose of the North' is famous for its history, culture, and ancient temples and it is one of the few places in Thailand where you will find centuries-old chedis and temples next to modern convenience stores and boutique hotels and that right in the heart of the city.


Chicky Net initially started out as a Facebook group for expat women in Phuket and has now grown into a national network connecting women living and working all over Thailand. Now, with the expansion of the site to major cities including Chiang Mai, valuable information and new friends are all just a click away.



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Expats Living and Working in Chiang Mai

Expats have been living in Chiang Mai for a very long time and as one of our members once mentioned, " they are part of the Chiang Mai fabric." Yet Chicky Net’s opening of a Chiang Mai sub-network in 2010, was a welcome addition especially for the female expats living and working there.


Our Chiang Mai group is growing fast with new members joining our network each week. For women living and working in this exiting city, Chicky Net will absolutely be a big help to make you feel at home as quick as possible.


The Internet has become such an important aspect in everyone's lives and this is especially true for expats. For them the Internet often becomes a 'home away from home', a way of connecting with family and friends at home. Luckily the Internet also offers expats via social networking, the opportunity to connect easily with expats in their new country.


Especially for those women who are planning to relocate to Chiang Mai it is recommended that they join our network as also for the more seasoned expat women. Membership is free and gives women access to tips and information by and for women who are living and working in Chiang Mai.


And best of all… Meet Chiang Mai based expat women with who you can explore the weekend markets, a wide range of regular and vegetarian restaurants, the funky nightlife in Nimman and many other great sites and attractions.




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