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Melanie Don’t be afraid to put your self out there to meet new people. If you are painfully shy like me, it can be a struggle- but I assure you it’s worth the effort.

Daphne I also love the energy of Bangkok as a city, there is always something going on, and the city is very much into culture and events.

Sam Being ‘slightly’ bigger than Thai ladies, and feeling like Godzilla on a daily basis, I was ecstatic to find Marks & Spencers in the Central Dept Store @Chidlom with their ‘normal’ sizes.

Brigid I did that classic mistake of walking without looking at where I was going, and literally walked, smack! straight into a baby elephant! It was the most surreal and unexpected thing to bump into, that’s when I realized this was no ordinary city.

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Chicky Net - the Guide for Bangkok Expat Women

The reputation of the ‘City of Angles’ as a travel hot spot in South East Asia doesn’t disappoint and there is plenty to do and see. From beautiful temples, a diverse nightlife, all the way to Asia's largest shopping centers and the largest outdoor weekend market of Asia (Chatuchak), Bangkok absolutely has what it takes to entertain visitors arriving from all over the world.


Chicky Net started out as a Facebook group for expat women in Phuket and has now grown into a national network connecting women all over Thailand. Now, with the expansion of the site to major cities including Bangkok, valuable information and new friends are all just a click away.



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Expats Living and Working in Bangkok

For expats, Bangkok may seem like the perfect place to meet people and the city has many social communities to offer to expats. Yet, Chicky Net’s opening of a Bangkok sub-network in 2010, was a very welcome extra for the expat women who are living and working in Bangkok.


With new expat women joining each week, Bangkok is a fast growing sub-network on the Chicky Net network. For expat women living and working in this vibrant city, Chicky Net is able to personalize life in Bangkok and make it easier to navigate through all the hype of city living.


Real girlfriends are an important part of any women’s life, especially women living and working abroad. Expat women come to learn quickly that valuable advice and the support of their circle of friends can greatly improve a life “away from home.”


Joining our network is both recommended for expat women planning to relocate to Bangkok and to expat women that have already settled in. Join us for free and find information and tips by and for women about living and working in Bangkok.


And best of all… Meet Bangkok based expat women with who you can explore the enormous Chatuchak or also called 'JJ market', restaurants serving food from all over the world, endless malls, a vibrant nightlife and many other great sites and attractions.




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