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"Chicky Net is more than just broth for the bored and restless. In fact, it’s become a community of women for women. As a social network, this site has opened opportunities for women who want to establish a healthy, active social life in a new environment."
—Bangkok Trader

"As the online community of Chicky Net grows, the challenges of expat life for Phuket women are slowly fading away, like the deep colors of the sunset."
—Phuket Wan

"It only takes a great idea and a positive attitude to change your environment. The living proof of this is Chicky Net."
—Hua Hin Today

"The ladies of Chicky Net were out on the town! Dozens of women turned up for Chicky Net’s Meet and Greet to chat, relax and get to know other women in Chiang Mai."
—Chiang Mai City News

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What do our members say?

Agnes says: "All of the girls were there because the event was promoted on Chicky Net - so we have CN to thank for that!"

Dawn says: "Last night I was in a bar playing pool with my husband. Two ladies walked in. I thought I recognized one of them. It quickly dawned on me that I knew her face from Chicky Net. I walked straight over to say hi. She immediately recognized my face too, even my name, even though we had never previously met. We sat and ended up chatting (and drinking!) for ages as if we already knew each other. How cool is that!"

Laura says: "I have been a new member for less than 2 months and I appreciate the lightness, entertainment and friendliness of the exchange on Chicky net. I attended my first event and I enjoyed meeting with different people from outside my industry."

Marianne says: "Thank you for offering such an amazing online hub for all the woman of the world living in Thailand. And thank you for including me :)"

Nancy says: "Chicky Net has made a life changing difference for me here in Phuket. It offers a vast amount of invaluable information, contacts, and social events to get you started and to continue your time here in Thailand. If there is one thing you need to do when you move over here ladies, is join Chicky Net!"


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Find friends of all ages and from around the world living in Bangkok, Hua Hin, Chaing Mai, and Phuket.

Get information about international schools, places to live, where to shop, healthcare, travel in Thailand, and much more.

Join events in your city and plan your own social gatherings!
Expat Thailand - Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Phuket

About Us
Chicky Net is the online social network for women who have either relocated to Thailand or who are visiting for a specific period of time. The website offers an exciting and fun way to meet other expats and to make new friends with whom they can share their Thailand experiences.

The network has sub-networks all over Thailand, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, and Phuket. Here women can interact with each other, meet at events, and even join specialist groups that suit their own interests. Women not living in these areas are also welcome to join.

Joining the network is free; all that is required is a quick registration so others know a bit about you and your interests. Chicky Net is a private network and members have access to all the facilities the website offers.

Thailand is beautiful and there is plenty to keep you entertained, but Chicky Net really makes this country feel like home and makes you feel a bigger part of the expat community.

How Chicky Net Started
Chicky Net was founded in Phuket in April 2009 by Dutch expat Berthe Mandaat. The reason for its creation was her realization of how difficult it was to meet other women in Thailand. It turned out that a lot of women felt the same way and the response to the network was phenomenal. This inspired her to expand to other locations and you can now find Chicky Net all over Thailand.
Expat Thailand - Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Phuket